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The Bereavement Cruise

Join a group of fellow grievers for interactive workshops, activities, and grief walks on board a beautiful Royal Caribbean ship.



So what is the Bereavement Cruise?
It's a special trip that brings together grievers and grief professionals for a week of healing and community on board a five-star cruise. The Bereavement Cruise is everything a cruise offers—plus the space, community, and tools to process your most devastating losses.

When does the cruise set sail? And where are we going?
There are two upcoming Bereavement Cruises:

SPRING 2020: April 19 - 26 | Eastern Caribbean - sails to St. Maarten, San Juan, & the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas

FALL 2020: November 30 - December 4 | Sails to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas

What does the Bereavement Cruise offer?
Activities include healing seminars and workshops during each day at sea, evening small groups called "Circles of Hope" that are specific to different types of losses (loss of a child, loss of a spouse, loss of a parent, loss to suicide, etc.), group activities and art projects, scheduled remembrance walks under the stars, mindfulness and meditation sessions, yoga, and the option to scatter a loved one's cremains at sea.

Do I have to attend every Bereavement Cruise offering?
No. You pick and choose which events you would like to attend. Many seminars and workshops are scheduled twice (or more) to allow everyone the opportunity to attend.

How did the Bereavement Cruise start? (aka Who's in charge of this thing?!)
The Bereavement Cruise is a collaboration between Linda Findlay (founder of Mourning Discoveries) and Glen Lord (founder of The Grief Toolbox). Linda launched the first Bereavement Cruise in 2016 as a way to connect grieving hearts to the hope, healing, and community they need—plus make memories and find joy through the atmosphere of a tropical cruise vacation. Glen came on board in 2018.

What types of losses are covered on the cruise?
The Bereavement Cruise is for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one. While there are other losses (divorce, diagnosis, etc.) that rock our lives and break our hearts, the cruise specifically honors loss due to death.

Why are you involved?
I had the immense pleasure of being a featured presenter on the 2019 Bereavement Cruise. I led a workshop called Honoring Secondary Grief that acknowledged, validated, and helped release the unspoken losses that occur in the aftermath of major loss. You can listen to my full presentation here.

I continue to support the Bereavement Cruise and its mission because it was an experience that truly spoke to my heart and my grief. Want to hear more about my Bereavement Cruise experience? Drop me a message. I would be glad to share more.

Who is presenting on the cruise?
Click here to view SPRING 2020 presenters.

Click here to view FALL 2020 presenters.

What amenities are included on the ship?
Click here to view SPRING 2020: Harmony of the Seas.

Click here to view FALL 2020: Mariner of the Seas.

How much does it cost?
The Bereavement Cruise seminar fee is $300.00 plus the cost of a stateroom. Staterooms vary in price based on their location on the ship (interior, ocean view, balcony, etc.) and change in price as the departure date draws closer. Staterooms fill up quickly, so book sooner rather than later!

For more information on pricing, fill out an interest form here.

What if I have more questions?
Check out these pages on the Bereavement Cruise's website:
SPRING 2020 Cruise Details
FALL 2020 Cruise Details
■ FAQs

Ready to set sail?
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Just for Fun

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But wait... There's more!

Season 4 of Coming Back: Conversations on Life After Loss was devoted to highlighting the amazing presenters who led the 2019 Bereavement Cruise with me. Click here to begin at Season 4, Episode 1 and check out the entirety of Season 4 for stories, workshops, and more from my fellow Bereavement Cruise presenters.

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