One-on-One Guidance to Help You Navigate Life After Loss

Find Direction • Feel Supported • Cultivate Compassion


“Brilliant, kind, compassionate.”

— Amy E.

”Soothing and so intuitive. Like soup for the soul.”

— Emily R.

”Shelby makes my heart feel at ease.”

— Kate R.


Are you struggling to navigate life after loss?

  • Are you feeling lost, trapped, or overwhelmed?

  • Do you feel like you have to be the perfect griever?

  • Want to talk to somebody who “just gets it”?

  • Don’t know where or how your loss fits into your life?

  • Do you want to get your feet back under you?

  • Sick of feeling like you have to go it alone?

Your grief is welcome here.


Become a better griever.


Find Direction

Feeling lost or stuck? Stop the mind-circling anxiety of grief with simple exercises to get grounded and clear on where to go next.


Feel Supported and Seen

Isolation is the most common response to grief. Get non-judgmental support from someone who “just gets it.”


Cultivate Radical Compassion

Loss is hard enough without the pressure of doing it “right.” Learn to ease up on yourself and your grief with easy, heartfelt tools.