90: Parenting a Dead Child with Rachel Whalen

Writer and kindergarten teacher Rachel Whalen is a mother to many, but has just one living child. After two miscarriages and the unexpected stillbirth of her daughter, Dorothy, Rachel conceived and delivered her daughter Frances. We're talking about the differences between parenting a dead child vs. a living one, what makes grieving parents want to try to conceive again after loss, and the powerful message Rachel has for grieving parents who are pregnant. Plus, I'm talking about the concept of life-rejection and sharing a passage from my new book Permission to Grieve.

E89: Second Firsts with Christina Rasmussen

Christina Rasmussen had a master's degree in counseling and psychology, but nothing prepared her for the death of her 35-year-old husband in 2006. This week, we're talking about her book Second Firsts, why Christina believes devastating loss should be a qualification for anyone leading a support group (it's often not), and why we should all be more selfish in our coming back process. Plus, I'm reading an excerpt from my brand new book, Permission to Grieve, which is live TODAY on Amazon.

E87: Modern Loss with Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner

Modern Loss founders Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner are members of the "Women With Dead Parents Club." Together, they've created Modern Loss, a multimedia platform for sharing candid stories about life after loss. Through their book, website, and live events, they're sparking powerful and unconventional conversations on grief... and beginners are most definitely welcome. This week, we're talking about how ANY moment can be a trigger for grief, the surreal feeling of being an adult orphan, and why the time for pretending to be perfect is over. Plus, I'm answering a listener question about living in despair.

E86: Suicide Widow Etiquette with Marlie Rowell

After Marlie Rowell's husband took his own life, she became a suicide widow. Her art project and website Suicide Widow Etiquette sheds light on the shamed, hidden conversation surrounding suicide. We're talking about how we must "feel to heal," how secrets keep us sick, and the refrigerator analogy of grief. Plus, a quick reminder of my BONUS online grief support group happening Monday, July 8.

E85: Taking the Butterflies and Rainbows Out of Grief with Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor unexpectedly lost his 27-year-old son just six weeks after a milestone family vacation. We're talking about taking the butterflies, clouds, and rainbows out of grief, taking the initiative to go to therapy as a grieving man, and what happens when people think they possess the rights to your grief. Plus, I'm answering a listener question about starting to feel normal again after a loved one dies.

E84: When Grief Professionals Grieve with Cole Imperi

People often think that grief professionals grieve better or faster than the rest of us, but that's not true! Cole Imperi, dual-certified thanatologist joins me to talk about the grief of grief professionals, how our bodies are tools for moving grief, and what it really means to be a death companion. Plus, how to stop to the torture of "replaying" a loved one's final moments.

E83: Honoring Grief in the Workplace with R. Glenn Kelly

After the loss of his sixteen-year-old son, R. Glenn Kelly devoted himself to studying grief in the workplace. Pulling experience from his time in the military, as a law enforcement officer, and a business executive, he coaches business leaders on how to best honor their grieving employees at work. Plus, defining REAL courage in the aftermath of loss.

E82: It's All Good with Kat Bonner

Kat Bonner lost her mother and grandmother within two and a half years of each other. We're talking about the difference between isolation and disconnection and how at some point, all of us must make the choice to come back from our losses. Plus, the grief of feeling STUCK in the aftermath of loss.

E81: Empathy Is My Jam with Non Wels

Non Wels is creating space for vulnerability and empathy in the midst of anxiety, depression, and recovery from anorexia nervosa. His podcast You, Me, Empathy is a powerful hub for "feely humans" to share and process their mental health journeys. Plus, the pitfall of grief comparison and a helpful tool from The Grief Recovery Method.

E80: Living WITH Fear Not IN Fear with Susan Angel Miller

Susan Angel Miller suddenly lost her daughter, Laura, to a rare childhood brain cancer. Just three years later, Susan was diagnosed with a brain tumor of her own. We're talking about her book Permission to Thrive, the concept of post-traumatic growth, and why Susan never stopped speaking her daughter's name. Plus, a condition that befalls grievers known as "temporary inability to see rainbows."

E79: Heartbreak Is… with J Mase III

J Mase III experienced a maelstrom of losses within the course of a year including the death of his father. We're talking about how it is our job as the living to continue healing after loss and how death is the ultimate abandonment. Plus, the grief of being queer and some personal stories about my sexuality and the death of my mom.

E78: We Are Not Our Losses with Julie Cluff

Mother's Day 2007 is a life-changing day for Julie Cluff, who was driving the car that rolled and killed two of her six children. She's wrestled with the identity of "the mom who lost two kids" and helps other mothers who have lost children through her podcast Build a Life After Loss. Plus, I'm discussing the weird phenomenon of looking like a person who has died.

E77: Not Better with Neil Davis

Musician Neil Davis' normal was gone in an instant when his dad had a sudden heart attack and died. His latest single "Not Better" is a reflection of the grief myth "time heals all" as well as a portrait of processing grief through music. Plus, I'm announcing the winner of my In the Meantime Grief Books Giveaway and letting you know how you can receive weekly grief journaling prompts, podcast swag, and LIVE grief support from me.