E33: Finding Tranquility in Loss with Kimberly Wilson

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Kimberly Wilson's first major loss occurred in 2012 when her beloved Gramma died. But she was brought to her knees three years later, with the loss of her dog, Louis the Pug. We're talking a lot about importance—the importance of taking time and space to process loss, the importance of memorializing and remembering the ones we love, and the importance of taking REALLY good care of yourself in the midst of grief. Also on the show, I'm highlighting how pet loss is different from—and sometimes more heartbreaking than—the loss of our human relationships.

The Grief Recovery Method for Pet Loss
The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Kimberly Wilson's work:

Articles by Kimberly Wilson on Grief:
Tranquilosophy: Grieving Mindfully
Loving Le Pug: Tools for Grief

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