E56: Choose to Heal with Barbara J. Hopkinson - Bereavement Cruise 2019

Barbara J Hopkinson Shelby Forsythia

A suicide attempt was Barbara J. Hopkinson's wake-up call. In a brief moment, she realized she had a choice to make: live and dwell in her losses or choose the long, hard, road of resilience. This week, we're talking about Barbara's wide array of losses including her 21-year-old son, Brent, her 30-year marriage, and her right eye. We're covering how a lifetime of losses can all feel and look different, how debilitating grief can be, and how coming back is ultimately a choice. Also this week, I'm sharing the introduction of my upcoming book with my private Facebook group Permission to Grieve Launch Team—are you a part of it? Membership closes September 30.

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