E61: Wearing Grief Shoes with Lynda Cheldelin Fell - Bereavement Cruise 2019

Lynda Fell Headshot Shelby Forsythia

A premonition dream of her daughter's death was became reality in 2009 when Lynda Cheldelin Fell lost her third child, Aly, in a car accident. Shortly after, her husband suffered a stroke leaving him with permanent disabilities. This "double whammy" of grief brought Lynda to a place that she describes as "far more than the '5 Stages.'" Today we're talking about how grief turns us into 2.0 versions of ourselves, how our lives after loss are made up of collateral blessings, and what it's like to go from knowing little about grief to suddenly wearing "grief shoes." Also this week, I'm inviting you to my next Google Hangout where we'll be talking about facing the upcoming holiday season.

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