E71: Grief is a Clusterfuck with Alison L. Miller

Alison L. Miller Odyssey of Love

Get ready for grief-appropriate language! Alison L. Miller and her husband, Chuck, had a life and a future together. In just three weeks' time, he was dead and sitting in an urn in the passenger seat of her car. Committed to make good on a promise she made to her dying husband, Alison is on an Odyssey of Love driving across the country in a bright pink car so Chuck can find her out on the road. This week we're talking about how the five senses help us process grief, how grief makes us mad at colors, objects, and words, and how even if you think you know all about grief, you're never REALLY prepared to experience loss. Also this week, I'm acknowledging the need for grief to exist outside the labels of "negative/positive."

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