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E89: Second Firsts with Christina Rasmussen

Christina Rasmussen had a master's degree in counseling and psychology, but nothing prepared her for the death of her 35-year-old husband in 2006. This week, we're talking about her book Second Firsts, why Christina believes devastating loss should be a qualification for anyone leading a support group (it's often not), and why we should all be more selfish in our coming back process. Plus, I'm reading an excerpt from my brand new book, Permission to Grieve, which is live TODAY on Amazon.

E87: Modern Loss with Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner

Modern Loss founders Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner are members of the "Women With Dead Parents Club." Together, they've created Modern Loss, a multimedia platform for sharing candid stories about life after loss. Through their book, website, and live events, they're sparking powerful and unconventional conversations on grief... and beginners are most definitely welcome. This week, we're talking about how ANY moment can be a trigger for grief, the surreal feeling of being an adult orphan, and why the time for pretending to be perfect is over. Plus, I'm answering a listener question about living in despair.

E70: Dead Moms Club with Alica Forneret

Alica Forneret lost her mom in her late twenties and was inspired to create Dead Moms Club lapel pins so others might honor the deaths of their moms. We're talking about how planning a memorial is truly an act of love, why it's so important to have other grieving friends around, and of course, the spark of inspiration behind Alica's Dead Moms Club pins. Plus, I'm talking about when people use grief to hold others hostage.

E32: Death Dialogue with Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown of Death Dialogue teaches others how to talk about death with the living... and how to talk about life with the dying. Plus, permission to miss someone no matter how long they've been gone, how long your relationship lasted, or the type of relationship you had.

E13: Finding Purpose Within the Pain with Christina Lerchen

Christina Lerchen of The Best Unexpected left her longtime career as beauty blogger after her best friend was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in 2011. She gave birth to her stillborn daughter just one month later. We chat about "what not to say," the power of storytelling, and two of Christina's favorite authors, Cheryl Strayed and Brené Brown. Also on the show, I answer a listener question about not getting to say goodbye before a death. And we talk about the importance of holding space for other people's stories of grief, loss, and trauma.